Micomsoft's XE-1AP Analogue Controller

   The XE-1AP was released by Micomsoft in 1989, only in Japan. It's an analogue controller featuring independent 3-Axis analog support and compatibility with the following systems: MSX, PC-8801, X68000, FM-Towns, FM-Towns Marty, Mega Drive, Mega CD, 32X and PC Engine (requires an adapter).
   There are two versions of this controller which differ slightly in buttons' colors and shape of the analog stick but are identical in terms of functionality. 


   A list of Sega Mega Drive, Mega CD and 32X compatible games is presented at the bottom of this page. 


General Information:

Year of release: 1989
Original retail price: JPY13,800
Short description: Extremely well constructed and very comfortable to use.
Features calibration screws and a axis swap switch at its back.

Compatible Games*:

Genesis/Mega Drive
After Burner II (1990)
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (1992)
Fastest 1 (1991)
Galaxy Force II (1991)
Musha Aleste (1990)
(Analog support is buggy)

Sega/Mega CD
After Burner III (1992)
Night Striker (1993)
Starblade (1994)

Sega/Mega/Super 32X
After Burner Complete (1995)
Space Harrier (1994)

*The versions released outside Japan are also compatible.