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Shenmue III Kickstarter

Ys Net Kickstarter Page

While it looks like it is already funded, after only one night, we need to keep in mind that a fully functional modern HD story based game starts at 10 million dollars and goes up from there. So spread the word!

That is, unless we want an "indie" Shenmue III, spread the word and get the GREAT Yu Suzuki, Tak Hirai and the rest of Ys Net Inc to make the Shenmue III we should have had on the Dreamcast or Xbox back in 2002-03!


More info from Businesswatch.com

Production Members
    Producer and Director       Yu Suzuki
    Co-producer       Cédric Biscay
    Creative Director       Tak Hirai
    Main Scenario Writer       Masahiro Yoshimoto
    Main Character Design       Kenji Miyawaki
    Planning and Development       Ys Net Inc
    Licensed by       SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
        Promotion       Shibuya Productions
        Development       Neilo Inc.
        Kickstarter Project Support       Awesome Japan, Inc.
        Promotional Video Director       Kenji Itoso

Original Game©SEGA ©Ys Net



Ys Net Inc
Masae Nakagawa, +81-3-6459-3377
Press Kit: https://goo.gl/jc2cFz

Street Fighter II Champion Edition Comparison


Sonic Adventure
DeveloperSonic Team
Genre3D Action, Platforming, Adventure, Shooting
Critique30 FPS with dips to 15 FPS, Occasional Camera Glitches
RegionNorth America
Release Date9/1999
In Library Complete

Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Genre3D Racer, Real World Highway, Car Clubs, Tuning
Critique60 FPS with slowdown/pop up
RegionNorth America
Release Date9/1999
In Library Complete

Castlevania - Genesis-SNES - Music Comparison

All tracks are recorded from a SNES model 1 RCA output and a Genesis Model 1 HDG Headphone to Sega CD 1 RCA output.

Remixed Arcade/NES Castlevania tunes:

Super Castlevania IV Track 1 "Simon's Theme"

Bloodlines Track 20 "Simon's Theme"

Adventures of Batman & Robin, The
SystemSega Genesis
GenreSide Scrolling Fighting, Throwing Weapons, Cooperative 2-Player
RegionNorth America
Release Year1995
In Library Complete
In LibraryGame Only

Soundtrack - Genesis 1 HDG:

Track 2

Level1 Boss

Track 3

Track 9

Track 11

Back on track

Sorry for the delay folks, not that an "archive" site like GP even cares about down time. "Why were you down GP?" one probably would not ask. Two local computers failed, but fortunately none of the drives failed except one, which was not a storage disk. GP also had to change hosting plans, which disconnected the website until now.

Upcoming Comparisons for Spring of 2014

The grand experiment is over!  "What experiment?" you might say, should you care to read and ponder?  Are popular online "communities" known as forums treasure troves of solid information?  Does pouring historical and technical facts into one or all of these popular communities result in more technical or historical discussion of the Video Game Industry?  That answer is a resounding ... sometimes but very rarely.  Instead forums, as originally suspected, are argument factories first, outlets for unfounded opinion posting second, and places to vent all around. 

What does that mean for Game Pilgrimage?  More updates.  Below is a sneak peak of the Comparisons that will finally see completion in the highest quality possible starting this week (no really!).

Upcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen ComparisonsUpcoming 32-64-bit, 5th-6th Gen Comparisons


Strider 2
Genre2.5D Action Platformer, Arcade Adaptation
Critique30 fps
RegionNorth America
Format1 CD
Release Date7/2000

 S-Video - Full Screen Dithering

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