Mortal Kombat II Genesis-SNES-32X

Emulation Screenshots - Interpolated

Armory - Genesis Emulation Armory - SNES Emulation Armory - 32X Emulation

Real Hardware Audio Comparison: Acid Pit level - Genesis || Acid Pit level SNES || Acid Pit level 32X

Real Hardware Movies: 3IVX Codec required (AI fights unless otherwise noted)
Genesis - Pit II  || SNES - Pit II (2-Player) || SNES - Armory || 32X - Pit II

Dead Pool - Genesis Emulation Dead Pool - SNES Emulation Dead Pool - 32X Emulation Kombat Room - Genesis Emulation Kombat Room - SNES Emulation Kombat Room - 32X Emulation Tower - Genesis Emulation Tower - SNES Emulation Tower - 32X Emulation Wasteland - Genesis Emulation Wasteland - SNES Emulation Wasteland - 32X Emulation Portal - Genesis Emulation Portal - SNES Emulation Portal - Genesis Emulation Forest - Genesis Emulation Forest - SNES Emulation Forest - 32X Emulation Arena - Genesis Emulation Arena - SNES Emulation Arena - 32X Emulation Pit II - Genesis Emulation Pit II - SNES emulation Pit II - 32X Emulation Continue Screen - Genesis Emulation Continue Screen - SNES Emulation Continue Screen - 32X Emulation Character Select - Genesis Emulation Character Select - SNES Emulation Character Select - 32X Emulation

Comparison Facts:


Mortal Kombat II (320x224)

Up to 64 Colors on Screen At Once Displays more frames of animation in the characters More FM+PSG analog audio and instruments
: Mortal Kombat II (256x224)

Up to 140 Colors On Screen At Once Displays more animation in background characters More digital audio instruments and voice samples



Mortal Kombat II (320x224)

Up to 185 Colors on Screen At Once Displays more frames of animation in the characters More FM + PSG audio and instruments than SNES Animates more independent objects/layers in the backgrounds More digital audio voice samples than either cart version