Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle

Genei Tougi: Shadow Struggle
Genre3D Fighter
Critique60 fps, Standard Res
Format1 CD
Release Date9/1996

Game Sample:
Here's a 60 fps short clip
gameplay recorded from ePSXe running at the game's native resolution (320 x 240) and with no enhancement filter but with scanlines to simulate the CRT SDTV image. Video screen size was cropped down to 318 x 216 since it's the actual drawable screen area for this game.

Download the video file here* (right click and "save link as...") (encoder: H.264 | file size: 25.9 MB).
Or watch the video below** (the whole video will be buffered to avoid stuttering) (aspect ratio is set to 4:3)

*Hint: You can simulate the aspect ratio of a regular CRT SDTV by selecting/forcing the 4:3 aspect ratio in your media player.
**VLC is required for web browser playback: download VLC here.