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Nintendo/Sony related:

Basically the entirety of the Internet and all gaming publications can be summed up by this link. All Sony fans have done is swap 'Nintendo' for 'Sony' and vice-versa, and all other console manufacturers names remain the same. It is the proliferation of this perspective that has caused this web page's creation.

It is worth noting that the Monopoly advocated here severely affected the Sega Master System, TurboGrafx -16, and caused Sega to be running in the red by the end of the Genesis days, for having to aggressively market the Genesis to compete against Nintendo's monopoly. Similarly, Sony's virtual monopoly has negatively affected the, Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube's sales and third party support.

Sega related:

Whip Ass Gaming

Excellent web page of a friend of mine, who's helped me extensively with web design and the subject matter of this site. Whip Ass Gaming contains a myriad of different pages including fan pages for Sega consoles, console games, MAC OS, and Powerslave, reviews, Kitty care tips, very creative "dream sequence" pages and more!

Dandy2000's Genesis games review and fan page

Awesome list of Genesis and Sega CD games with relative comments and reviews on each, plus box scans and other info, awesome site.


Excellent compilation of Sega Genesis magazine ads, showing the magazine article marketing side of Sega gaming history.

Eidolon's Inn

Great fan site with hardware info on all of Sega's consoles, development docs, game lists, freeware roms, emulator updates and more.

Sam Pettus' Sega Base

Somewhat dramatized account of Magazine Hype and Sega's own internal politics surrounding every Sega console's development and release, and eventual discontinuation. It is this perspective that most of the Internet and gaming media today is operating from when they mention Sega. Meaning that they are not coming from a gaming perspective, but from a financial-political perspective when they mention Sega "failing" at anything.

TG16/DUO/PC-Engine related:

DarkCity Turbo for newbies

Good resource on Turbo Hardware questions, including compatiblity between PC-Engine, DUO and TG16 peripherals.

Game Dude TG16 games

Online TG16 sale site, I haven't dealt with them, but their site has been around for quite a while.

PC-Engine Catalog Project

Attempting (succeeded?) to list every single PC-Engine Hu-Card and CD-ROM game ever made, along with relevant gameplay comments, release dates, the works. Great resource.

Turbo Grafx Sanctuary

Hardware tech and Turbo fan capable of modding systems to play imports, include S-Video, and more.

Turbo Play Magazine Archive

Self explanatory, comments from Vic Ireland's early days on TG16 imports, many of which he himself localized.

Turbo Zone Direct

Excellent online store that only sells NEW Turbografx/CD/DUO games and equipment.

Online Classic Game Stores:

E-bay Store

Excellent Japanese import site, great speed, and service! Although both of the DUOs I bought from them ended up breaking down, they were at least helpful with the first exchange.


Game store with interesting stock items.


Import gaming store.


New, used, and import game store.


New, used, and import game store.

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