Game Pilgrimage

Game Info is for game specific information not directly related to a comparison. My Library is constantly being updated with changes to what games and systems I own. This section can be seen as credentials or experience, or just my own personal preferences in gaming. The Notable Games page tallies all of the notable game lists from Fact MIJIN and then discusses how they were made and what conclusions can logically be drawn from them as they are. The rest of this section is my own reviews and observations of the specific games named, occasionally compared with reviewer comments from popular web pages.

Game Pictures is primarily comprised of screenshots of titles that are not available elsewhere online. Special focus was placed on games that are considered to have topped the specs of the system they were designed for. For example, the PCE/TG16 page contains shots of popular Sega titles running on the TG16 with more colors on screen than their Genesis counterparts. Also, the Sega Saturn page focuses on 3D titles, because popular rhetoric about the Saturn was that it could not handle 3D titles of the quality of the titles listed here.

Comparisons is where all of the systems and games are treated equally, and side by side. Starting with the NES-SMS-TG16 page and ending with the DC-vs-PS1-PS2 is a side by side comparison of each generation of game system, background commentary by me, and the relevant popular sayings about each system to compare the actual games to. The rest of this section is simply comparisons about the games each page is titled, either in screenshots or screenshots and gameplay descriptions.

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