January 9, 2009

1. Added Adventures of Batman & Robin, Last Battle, Maximum Carnage, and Street Smart cart only to the Genesis section, and Fahrenheit (Complete) to the 32X section of My Library. ($56.45)

December 31, 2008

1. Added Kings Quest (Boxed, $12) to the SMS section, Cobra Triangle (Boxed, $5) to the NES section, Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention (Boxed, $5) to the Genesis section, and Mansion of Hidden Souls (Complete, $22.99) to the Sega CD section of My Library. (Total 48.68)

2. Upgraded Super Street Fighter 2 and The Punisher to Boxed, and added Micro Machines (Boxed), Gaiares, Joe and Mac, Ranger X, and Starflight cart only to the Genesis section, Charge N Blast (Complete, Import) to the Dreamcast section, and Sonic Unleashed (New) to the Xbox 360 section of My Library.

3. Upgraded pictures of My Library and moved them all to the slideshow at the top of the page.

4. Added Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II (with cut down boxes, manuals and strategy guides) to the NES section of My Library. ($10)

December 13, 2008

1. Added a review for Golden Axe Beast Rider to the Game Info section.

2. Updated the TMNT comparison under the Genesis-vs-SNES section to reflect on a conversation in the IGN forums.

3. Added Sonic the Hedgehog (Complete, $19.43), Tenchu Z (Complete, $17.98), and Golden Axe Beast Rider (New, With hardcover art book, $19.96 and $11.95) to the Xbox 360 section of My Library. Also paid $27.06 for the afore mentioned Ninja Gaiden II and $6.77 for additional Microsoft points used to purchase the Golden Axe Beast Rider 360 theme.

September 27, 2008

1. Added Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (Complete), Cyborg Hunter (Complete), and Captain Silver (Complete) to the SMS section, Adventures of Batman and Robin (Complete) and Mystic Defender (Complete) to the Genesis section, Sega Ages (Complete) to the Saturn section, Altered Beast Guardian of the Realm (Complete) to the GBA section and Headhunter (Complete) to the Dreamcast section of My Library ($75). Added Star Wars Jedi Academy (Complete, $27.01) to the Xbox section of My Library.

September 13, 2008

1. Added Ten No Koe ($22, Complete) to the DUO section, Dark Wizard ($16.18, Complete) to the Sega CD section and Ninja Gaiden II (Free, Complete) to the Xbox 360 section of My Library. ($38.18)

August 12, 2008

1. Sold Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition (-$5.50), Rock 'N Roll Racing (-$5.00), Battle Royal (-$0.99), and Final Zone II Import (-$5.51). Total Credit ( -$17.00)

2. Added Paperboy ($4, Complete) to the Master System section of My Library.

3. Added N+ and Bionic Commando Rearmed to the Xbox Live Arcade section of My Library. ($18.75)

June 30, 2008

1. Totally revamped Gamepilgrimage with a new logo, random screenshots (right bar) and a screenshot left bar.

2. Updated the Sega brand Saturn Racers comparison page (Comparisons->Saturn vs PS1-> Daytona, Sega Rally Etc) with a comparison video for Daytona CCE and the Netlink/Japanese edition that features longer draw distances, revamped textures and the original soundtrack as a selectable option.

3. Updated the TMNT Comparison under Comparisons->16-Bit Arcade Comps with a comparison movie of the Arcade, Genesis and SNES games.

4. Added a movie and screenshot page for Virtua Fighter Kids to the Game Pictures -> Saturn Pics -> Saturn Effects page.

5. Added Daytona Circuit Edition (Import, Complete) and Virtua Fighter Kids (Import, Complete)to the Saturn section of My Library ($21.48).

June 03, 2008

1. Added Gears of War Collector's Edition (Complete, $10) to the Xbox 360 section and Crimson Sea (Complete, $5) to the Xbox section of My Library.

June 02, 2008

1. Added Black Hole Assault, Sim Earth, Riot Zone and Fire Pro Wrestling 2nd Bout to the PC-Engine Duo section of My Library. Total cost: $61.71.

May 20, 2008

1. Added Phantasy Star Universe (Complete, Store Credit), Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Complete $15), Sega Rally Revo (Complete, $15.49) to the Xbox 360 section, and Star Fighter (Complete, $17.29) to the 3DO section of My Library. Sold Gamecube component cables (-$30). Total $17.78. for 4 games.

2. Added World Grand Prix (Complete, $10.77) to the Sega Master System section of My Library.

March 15, 2008

1. Traded Beggar Prince (Complete) for Valis III CD-ROM (Complete). My Library is updated accordingly.

March 3, 2008

Added Omikron: The Nomad Soul (Complete, Store Credit) to the Dreamcast section of My Library.

February 20, 2008

1. Added Astro Warrior (Boxed) and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (Complete) to the SMS section, Shining Force (Complete) and Centurion: Defender of Rome (Complete) to the Genesis section and Legend of Oasis (Complete) to the Saturn sections of My Library ($40).

February 7, 2008

1. Traded Combat Cars (Complete), Adventures of Batman & Robin (Complete) for Genesis, Road Rash (Complete) and Bloody Roar (Disc Only) for PS1 for Chicken Run (Complete) for Dreamcast, F1 Live Information (Complete, disc scratched) Pocket Fighter (Complete) for Saturn and Ghost House (Boxed) for the SMS. Added and subtracted the appropriate games from their respective sections on the My Library page.

January 11, 2008

1. Finished a GameTZ trade of a new copy Contra 4 (Store Credit) for Bleemcast! for Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, and GT2 with respective
complete non-Greatest Hits PS1 games.

2. Added Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter (Complete, Saturn) and Contra 4 (New, DS) (Christmas gifts) and Viva Pinata (Complete, $15) to their appropriate section of My Library.

3. Added Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (Boxed, gift) to the SMS section of My Library.

January 7, 2008

1. Added a new comparison page for Sega Brand Saturn Racers to the Saturn vs PS1 page under comparisons. This page includes gameplay movies of the Saturn versions of Daytona USA, Sega Rally, Daytona Championship Circuit Edition and Sega Touring Car Championship as well as a Comparison Movie of the same.

2. Added a comparison page for Rage Racer and Sega Touring Car Championship to the Saturn vs PS1 page. This page includes gameplay movies of both games and a Comparison movie.

3. Added a comparison page for Total Eclipse and Total Eclipse Turbo on 3DO and PS1 to the Sega CD-3DO-Jag-32X Comparison page. This page includes mouse over comparison screenshots, gameplay movies and a comparison movie of the two versions.

4. Added Pirates! Gold, Star Control, Bonanza Bros. and Buck Rogers (Complete, $17.28) to the Genesis section, Rage Racer (Complete) to the PS1 section and Unreal Tournament (Complete, $16.27) to the Dreamcast section of My Library.

December 2, 2007

1. Added Jeff Gerstmann's dishonest review history to the Mass Media section under Fact MIJIN. From 1997 through 2007, Gerstmann could be counted on to misrepresent gameplay of action games, Sega games in particular. Regardless of the fact that the way he was fired was wrong, Gerstmann was poison to the well of public information for his entire stay at Gamespot.

2. Purchased a Hori EX2 Xbox 360 joystick (New, $60.22) and with great supplication regained ownership of Virtua Fighter 5 for a small additional fee (store credit).

November 27, 2007

1. Bought four Saturn controller extension cables ($11.90), and traded two of them along with Halo 3 and Virtua Fighter 5 for 360 for store credit.

2. Added Liberty or Death (Cart only, $14.02) to the Genesis section of My Library.

November 17, 2007

1. Since I was one of the less than 30,000 who bought Sega Rally Revo, I decided to trade it in while the price was still $60. It's an awesome game, and I'll be sure to pick it up again when the evil retail industry has discounted it six months from now.

2. In the mean time, I got a decent haul. Nobunaga's Ambition (Cart only) and Life Force (with cruddy manual) for NES, Adventures of Batman and Robin (Complete) and The Tick (boxed, cart label damage) for Genesis, and Sega Touring Car Championship (Complete) for Saturn.

3. I also purchased Mad Dog Mcree(Complete), Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (Complete) and Flash Back:The Quest for Identity (CD and Manual) for 3DO ($44.94), Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters (Complete, $14.98) for Sega CD, and Sunset Riders (Complete, $13.24) for Genesis.

4. Bought a complete Shinobi Arcade cabinet (no decals) that so far doesn't power on the screen. ($50)

October 18, 2007

1. Added Burning Soldier (Complete, gift) to the 3DO section, Daisenryaku VII (New, $10.81) to the Xbox section, Halo 3 (New, $37.87) and Sega Rally Revo (New, Store Credit) to the Xbox 360 section of My Library.

2. Traded Big Brain Academy, Bubble Bobble Revolution, Castlevania DS, New Super Mario Bros, and Sonic Rush for Store Credit towards Sega Rally Revo.

3. Since the last update, I have also added Comparison videos of Rebel Assault and Samurai Shodown for 3DO and Sega CD and quasi-completed an overview for the Sega CD - 3DO- Jaguar - 32X section under Comparisons.

September 1, 2007

1. Updated the screen resolution for the NES under Console History, thanks to TmEE co.(TM) at SpriteMind.Net for the information.

2. Added Star Wars Rebel Assault (Complete, $16.45) and Primal Rage (No Long Box, $7.74) to the 3DO section, as well as Corpse Killer (NEW, $7.99), Road Rash, Load Star and Formula 1 Beyond the Limit (Complete, Free?!) to the Sega CD section of My Library. I also paid $30 to www.emuasylum.com since I use their services regularly when testing and comparing games (which I also own the originals to).

3. I have also spent a grand total of $132.55 in micro transactions with Microsoft and recieved in exchange: 18 Months comprehensive warranty package for my Xbox 360, one HD Movie download which ended up ripping me off, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989), Worms, Bomberman LIVE, 3D Ultra Minigolf with expansion, Golden Axe, Castlevania: SOTN, Streets of Rage 2 and Puzzle Fighter HD for Xbox Live Arcade. I have added each of the Live Arcade games to their section in My Library.

4. I traded Sonic the Hedgehog and Lego Starwars 2 (360) along with both of my Logitec Wireless Xbox controllers and some other miscellaneous movies for a total of $60 in store credit at FX.

August 18, 2007

1. Created a new Comparison page for the SegaCD, Jaguar, 3DO and 32X.

2. Posted a Need for Speed Comparison video that contains the 3DO, Saturn and PS1 version. There is also a full gameplay video of the first race for the 3DO game.

3. Uploaded eight Silpheed gameplay videos for Sega CD, one Crash N Burn video, two Starblade videos, six Samurai Shodown videos and one Total Eclipse video for 3DO.

4. Added Wing Commander III (Complete, $23)as well as Star Control II and Crash N Burn (Complete Import, $28.98), Total Eclipse (Complete, $7.98) and Gex (Complete, $8.18) to the 3DO section, Shining Force II (Complete) to the Genesis section and Pac Land (Complete) to the TG16 section of My Library ($100 including 3DO FZ-1 and one controller).

July 30, 2007

1. Added Star Blade (Japan Import, Complete), $7.99 Samurai Shodown (Japan Import, Complete) $13.99, and Road & Track Presents The Need for Speed (in box, no manual) $14.98 to the 3DO section of My Library. I also added Batman and Robin (Sega CD, Complete) to the Sega CD section and Alien vs. Predator (Cart only) to the SNES section of My Library (17.21). XBOX 360 Rechargeable Controller Battery Pack for $10.98, a Saturn S-Video Cable for $16.15 and Battlefield 2 Special Forces (PC, Complete) for $6.95.

July 10, 2007

1. Added mouse over and movie comparisons for Wipeout XL and Wipeout 2097 to the Saturn-vs-PS1 3D Racer Comparison page.

2. Traded Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Sonic Heroes and purchased a clean Sega Nomad ($52.99). Added Capcom Generations Volume 2 to the Saturn section of my library (Complete, $16.00).

June 15, 2007

1. Added Bomber Raid (Complete )to the SMS section and Hard Driven (Complete) to the Genesis section ($15.05) and traded Worms 4 Mayhem (Xbox), Gears of War (360), and Mario Kart DS and added Vay (Complete) to the Sega CD section, Armada (Complete) to the Dreamcast section, and Custom Robo (Complete) to the Gamecube section of My Library. I also added Sonic The Hedgehog (New, $24.98) to the 360 section of My Library.

May 22, 2007

1. Added Sunset Riders (Cart only, Store Credit) to the SNES section and Star Wars Rogue Rebel Strike Demo (Complete, $5) to the Gamecube section of My Library. Also purchased an Xbox 360 Wireless PC adapter and a Game Gear replacement screen for $25.97.

May 04, 2007

1. Added Aerowings 2 Air Strike (No Manual, $13.48) to the Dreamcast section, Wipeout 2097 (Complete, $26.66) to the Saturn section of My Library. I also spent $31.99 on the first issue of Gamepro magazine to replace the one that was lost in a move years ago.

April 16, 2007

1. Added Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (Complete, No Spine Card, $112.50) to the PC-Engine DUO section of My Library.

2. Added Comparison pages for Road Rash and The Need for Speed to the Saturn-vs-PS1 section of Comparisons.

April 5, 2007

1. Added Steel Battalion (Complete) to the Xbox section, and a NEO GEO MVS section with Samurai Shodown to My Library. In addition to this I got another Saturn Virtual Racing Wheel. The total for the whole set was $60.

2. Added Road Rash (Complete, $13.48) to the Saturn section as well as The Need for Speed (Complete, $9.42) and Road Rash (Complete, large box, Store Credit) to the PS1 section of My Library.

March 17, 2007

1. Updated the Strider comparison page under 16-bit Arcade Comparisons. I have added mouse over comparisons to the entire page as well as a direct comparison to the PC-Engine Arcade CD-ROM version.

March 15, 2007

1. Purchased a Black and Red Xbox 360 Faceplate ($8.50). Added Operation Wolf (import) and Populous the Promised Lands and Strider Hiryu ACD to the PC-Engine DUO section of My Library (Complete, $65.98).

February 9, 2007

1. Traded my Blue Nintendo DS for $60 in store credit. I expect to get a Black DS lite sometime this year after a price drop.

2. Purchased an Xbox 360 premium along with a Pelican HD Pro system selector, and added Zelda A Link to the Past (Complete) for the SNES, Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing (Complete) for the Dreamcast, ($94.81 after store credit) Gears of War (Complete), as well as another wireless 360 controller and Lego Star Wars II (Complete, $92) for the Xbox 360, and Zelda Twilight Princess (Complete) ($19.32 after store credit), Virtua Quest (Complete) and Sonic Heroes (Complete) for the Gamecube ($28.12), King of Monsters (Complete, store credit) for the Genesis, Super Mario Bros 2 (with manual, $4.95) for the NES sections, and a Logitec Wireless Xbox headset along with Double Dragon Advance (New, $32.37) to the GBA section of My Library. Also purchased two Xbox 360 faceplates (Black skin and another Chrome faceplate) for $25.96. Total for the Update: $297.53.

3. Added Wacky Racers and Chu Chu Rocket (Complete, $13.04) to the Dreamcast section of My Library.

January 5, 2007

1. I went to Trader's Village (some place in Houston where they play Tejano all day) and bought : Rescue Mission (Complete), Fantasy Zone: The Maze (Boxed) for the SMS, Quackshot (Boxed) and Sonic 1 (Euro, Boxed) for the Genesis ($21).

36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples (Complete, $4.31) for 32X, BC Racers (Complete, $17.27) and Prince of Persia (Complete, $6.31) for Sega CD, Alien Storm (Complete, $12.29), CADASH (Complete, $12.12), Streets of Rage 2 (Complete, $15.31), The Immortal (Complete {but not as complete as Bel's of course}, $12.31, RoadBlasters (Complete, $4.31) and Rocket Knight Adventures (Complete, $9.27) for Genesis. ($93.50)

Finally, I found Battletech (Complete $2.38) for Genesis and R-Type Final (Complete, Store Credit) and Sega Genesis Collection (New, $20.43) for PS2 and I-Ninja (New, $7.57) for Xbox locally.

2. Added all of the above to My Library in the appropriate sections.

December 30, 2006

1. Added movie files for Virtua Fighter 3tb, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2, Tekken Tag Tournament, Time Splitters and Outtrigger to the Dreamcast vs PS2 page under Comparisons.

2. Added Alien Syndrome (NES, Cart only) and added the manuals for TMNT and TMNT 2 to the NES section. Upgraded Samurai Shodown, Combat Cars, Super Hang-On, Abrams M1 Battletank, and Lightening Force to complete in box for the Genesis section. Added the manual for Maze Hunter 3D to the SMS section of My Library. Also replaced the manual for Lightening Force with one in better condition and the cart for Super Thunder Blade with a clean label version. ($30.66 total)

December 12, 2006

1. Added the following to their corrosponding places in My Library:

3-in-1 PS2/1-Saturn-Dreamcast to USB controller converter (New, $18.95), Impact Acoustics VGA to S-Video converter (Used, $49.11), Hometech Solutions Composite to S-Video adapter ($35.90 and useless so far), Video Products Inc. VGA to Component Converter (New, $85.45), Xbox 3rd party Component Cables (New but traded for MS brand box, $6.64), Nintendo Brand Component cables for the Gamecube ($5) Streets of Rage 3 (Cart only to replace my old complete copy, $22.50), Phantom Dust (New, $6) for Xbox. Grand total of $229.45.

November 05, 2006

1. Updated the Art of Fighting Comparison page (under 16-bit Arcade Comparisons) with NEO GEO screenshots and mouse over comparison shots.

2. Added Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury 2 (Complete, $14.99) as well as Legendary Axe and the Arcade Card DUO (Complete, $35.85)to the PC-Engine DUO Section of My Library.

October 22, 2006

1. Added R-Type II (Hu-Card only) and Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition (New, $45.40 w/ new Avenue 6 Pad) to the PC-Engine DUO section, as well as King of the Monsters, Mortal Kombat and Star Fox (all cart only, $12.00) to the SNES section, and Bushido Blade (Complete, $12 w/ PS2 memory card) to the PS1 section of My Library. I also purchased a Genesis 6-Button Pad and Sega Tunes Vectorman for $5.

October 12, 2006

1. Added Golden Axe Warrior (Complete, $27.32), Ninja Spirit (Complete $13.65) to the PC-Engine section, Pit Fighter (Cart Only) to the Genesis section, Mortal Kombat (Complete $10) to the Sega CD section, Street Fighter 2 and Out of This World (both cart only) to the SNES section ($8.64), Transformers and Blood Will Tell to the PS2 section (Both complete, $24.82), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Complete, $8.61) and Big Brain Academy (New, $21.64) to the Nintendo DS section of My Library. I also bought a PS2 controller and power cable for my new, used PS2 ($24.26) as well as a new five port S-Video/Composite Switcher box ($10).

September 25, 2006

1. Added Beggar Prince pre-review to the Game Info section.

2. Added Valis II and Gate of Thunder (both Complete US, $80.90) to the PC-Engine DUO section, Valis III (Complete $13.19) and Beggar Prince (New, $44) to the Genesis section in addition to promoting Light Crusader, Space Harrier II and E-Swat to complete ($12.48), Aerowings (Complete, gift) and Virtual On Marz (No Instructions, $10.81) to the PS2 section of My Library.

August 10, 2006

1. Added Super C (Complete, $5) to the NES section, Sonic Spinball (Complete, free), Skeleton Krew (Complete, $5.80), and Combat Cars (With box, $5.80) to the Genesis section, Black Thorne (Cart only, free) to the 32X section, Contra III (Cart only, $5.80) to the SNES section, Resident Evil 4 (New, Best Seller, Free) to the Gamecube section, and Brain Age (New, $18.50) to the Nintendo DS section of My Library.

August 10, 2006

1. Massively updated the Saturn-vs-PS1 page with a variety of media that should finally put anti-Saturn revisionism to rest, at least logically. The comparison section has been revamped to resemble the Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter comparison pages.

The comparisons created were for Wing Arms and Air Combat, Wing Arms and War Hawk, Last Bronx and Soul Blade, Burning Rangers and Soul Reaver 2, Cyber Speedway and Wipeout, Sega Rally and Rally Cross, as well as both system's versions of Black Dawn. I've also added comparison movie files to existing comparisons such as Grandia and High Velocity and Ridge Racer, plus NiGHTs and Sonic JAM in the Saturn Pics section under Game Pictures.

July 28, 2006

1. Added Mario 3 (Complete, Free) to the NES section and Night Trap, Star Wars Rebel Assault, and Pitfall the Mayan Adventure (complete, $25) to the Sega CD section of My Library.

July 16, 2006

1. Added Batman (Complete) to the NES section, Alien 3 (Complete), Batman, Eswat, Ernest Evans, El Viento, Gunstar Heroes, Kawasaki Superbike, Rolling Thunder 2, and Wings of Wor, (all in box, without docs) ($13.00) to the Genesis section, Art of Fighting (Complete, store credit), and Super Metroid (Cart only $19.93) to the SNES section, Otogi 2 (Complete, free) to the Xbox section, and New Super Mario Bros (New, free, [for redesigning FX's peripherals]) to the Nintendo DS section of My Library. Sold Gamecube Component Cables for -$50.

May 29, 2006

1. Added a Shadow Dancer (System 18 and SMS) and Quartet (System 16 and SMS) comparison page to 16-bit Arcade Ports under Comparisons.

2. Added comparison pages for Blackthorne (Snes and 32X), Valis III (Genesis and TG16 CD), Valis IV (SNES and PCE CD) and Dracula X (SNES and PCE CD) to the Genesis-vs-SNES page under comparisons.

May 20, 2006

1. Added Golvellius Valley of Doom (Complete, gift) and Shadow Dancer (with Box, gift) to the SMS section of My Library.

May 5, 2006

1. Added Doom 3 Collectors Edition (Mint used, SC) and Otogi (Mint used SC) to the Xbox section of My Library. Added Action Fighter, Aztec Adventure, The Ninja and Rocky (all complete, $20) to the SMS section of My Library, and procured game manuals for After Burner, Double Dragon and Miracle Warriors to make them complete.

April 25, 2006

Traded Actraiser II, Gunstar Heroes, Magic Sword, Pilot Wings, Run Saber, StarFox, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Stunt Race FX, Super Ghouls N Ghosts, Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Valis IV, and WeaponLord for store credit. Added TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat to the Dreamcast section (complete, store credit) and Astroboy to the Gameboy Advance section (New, $21 plus store credit) of My Library.

April 17, 2006

1. I've added a major update to the 'Mass Media" section under Fact MIJIN. Gamespot has joined the ranks of Gamepro and GameInformer in bias and in misrepresenting gaming History. The update is under Gamespot Revising History, and shows in their own words how they will manipulate their readers into crying foul, only to make an example of them as "nutjobs" for seeing anything favorable about a console not made by Sony or Nintendo.

2. Added Zaxxon 3D (Complete, $3.25) to the SMS section of My Library, and traded my cart only version of the same.

April 7, 2006

1. Added World Heroes to the Genesis section (Complete), Wing Arms to the Saturn section (Complete), and Castlevania DS (Complete) to the NDS section of my Library ($71.87). Traded Capcom Classics Collection and Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for Xbox. Sold Nintendo Wifi adapter (-$35). Added Wonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap (Box no docs), TimeSoldiers(Complete), Lord of the Sword (Complete, damaged docs), Missile Defense 3D (Complete), and Penguin Land (Complete) to the SMS section of my Library ($20). Added Super Valis IV to the SuperNES section of my library (Cart only, $5)

March 26, 2006

1. Traded four 1st party Xbox and Gamecube controllers and two Gamecube extension cables and bought one Wavebird, one Logitec Xbox Wireless controller, and an Xbox Wireless Broadband adapter (62.67). Added Abram's M1 Battletank (Box, no manual, label damage, $1.50) to the Genesis section, Sonic CD (Mega CD, complete, gift) to the Sega CD section, Virtual On (Saturn import complete, no spine card, with Twin Sticks, gift) to the Saturn import sectionof My Library.

February 19, 2006

1. Updated the DC-vs-PS2 page with the final arguments based on evidence that top tier Current Gen games were running at or below the detail level (Polygons per second, texture color & resolution) of top tier 1st and 2nd year Dreamcast titles. Added comparison pages for MDK2, Ecco the Dolphin, and Resident Evil Code: Veronica to the comparisons section of this page.

2. Uploaded an intro movie and MP3s of the PC-Engine version to the PCEngine and Sega Genesis After Burner comparison under 16-bit Arcade Ports.

3. Added Wanted (SMS Complete, $3.19) Super Dodge Ball (NES Complete!, gift) Battle Royal and Power Tennis (TG16 complete, gift) to the PC-Engine DUO section, Galaxy Force II (Genesis complete, $5.36) Dragon Force (Complete, gift) to the Saturn section, and Altered Beast (GBA cart only, $10.77) to the GBA section of My Library. I also purchased a NAKI VGA box for Dreamcast from gmsnpr ($15).

January 18, 2006

1. I've just completed what may be the final major addition to Gamepilgrimage, the notable game lists for the NES, SMS and TG16, and a comparison page for them.

2. Completed a level by level comparison page for the original Shinobi, which compares the Arcade, PC-Engine, Sega Master System and NES versions of Shinobi in graphics, sound and gameplay.

3. Added gameplay impressions for Blood Will Tell, Outrun 2, Spikeout, and ToeJam& Earl III to the Game Info section.

4. Added Virtua Cop 2 and Bug (Complete) to the Saturn section of My Library, and also bought a Sony brand PS1 control pad and a Saturn/PS1 3rd party light gun for a total of $22.52. Added Castlevania Double Pack (New) to the GBA section, and bought another dual screen protector for my DS ($37.82). Added Samurai Shodown (Complete, $38.89) to the Sega CD section. Added Shinobi (Complete) to the PC-Engine section and snagged a DUO multi-tap at the same time ($41.80). Bought a System Card 1.0 for my DUO ($26.99). Bought a Logitech wireless controller for my Xbox, and a second AV cable for my Genesis 2/X'eye for website development ($37.78). Purchased a Nintendo DS wireless USB adapter and Gamecube component cables from Nintendo.com ($73.96). Paid for a Saturn history CD with movies of a hundred games or so, and shipping for some random game equipment ($14). Paid shipping to send my now broken DUO to multimods.com, and paid the difference for a Region Modified DUO/R with a Violet LED ($197.35). Joined an AA group for overspenders and game addicts and resolved to not purchase anything else this year unless it's a 1:1 trade.

December 28, 2005

1. Added Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse ($16.63, Cart only) to the NES section and Rambo First Blood Part II ($5, Complete) to the SMS section of My Library.

December 14, 2005

1. Added Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Cart only, $5.36) to the NES section, Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (Complete, $10.77) and Blood Will Tell (Complete, $14.02) to the PS2 of Console history.

2. I finally bit the bullet. Since Phantasy Star Collection isn't coming out in the States, I realized that the PS2 was not going to end up being a benefit to me. When I realized I could trade it and my PS1 and PS2 games for a Nintendo DS and a game, I took the plunge.

Traded my PS2 with one controller and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Bushido Blade, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (No back insert), Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy Chronicles, Grandia, Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 (Cracked case), Ridge Racer IV (Cracked case), Strider 1+2, Tenchu, and Tomb Raider for PS1, and Blood Will Tell (Just bought, I know), Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2, Sega Classics Collection, Shinobi, Silpheed, TMNT 2: Battlenexus (Top scratched), Virtua Fighter 4, and Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution for PS2 for a Blue Nintendo DS with a carrying case and two protector screens, along with Sonic Rush (New).

November 21, 2005

1. Added a significant update to the Console History page which details the results of the lawsuit against Sony for the high rate of defective PS2s which cause the Disc Read Error problem. Sony has settled out of court with this issue while fully denying that any Disc Read Error problem actually exists. Victims of defective PS2s need to go to http://www.ps2settlement.com/ to figure out how to get some of their money back from Sony.

2. To be fair, and to fend off the drooling, slack jawed Sony fans who think Disc Read Errors in PS2s are a non-issue, the Xbox section of Console history has also been updated with information about defective Thompson drives.

November 17, 2005

1. I've completed a virtual redesign of the console history page on Game Pilgrimage ( www.gamepilgrimage.com/consolehistory.htm ). All of the console spec sheets have had significant amounts of data added to them (for you nitpickers out there) and the redesigned formatting *should* make the specs more easily read and understood than they were with less than half the info listed before.

Significant additions to each section are as follows:

All sections now have sound information and all RAM (some specs missing cache info for individual processors).

All sections now have storage capacity for software mediums used, and the average size of carts.

The Saturn and PS1 sections have nearly double the information, including the full span of resolutions supported (which apparently were *all* used in actual software), processor marketing performance information and other more system specific info.

The Dreamcast and PS2 section were updated in a similar fashion to the Saturn and PS1 sections, and a quote was added which deals with (hopefully conclusively) the graphical performance strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

2. Added Final Zone 2 (Complete, $8) to the DUO section, Streets of Rage 3 (Complete, $10), Dick Tracy (Boxed) and Samurai Showdown (Boxed) ($6) to the Genesis section, Contra 3: Alien Wars (Cart & Manual, $10.77) to the SNES section, Fighter's Megamix (Complete import, $3) to the Saturn section, Gunstar Superheroes (New, $27.60) to the Gamecube GBA section, and Looney Toons Space Race (Complete, $24.87) to the Dreamcast section of My Library. Plus, I spent $43 more dollars in shipping for my DUO than I intended, shipping it back to Japan for a replacement.

November 6, 2005

1. Massively updated the Console History page under Fact MIJIN with game system logos to replace the old text links, and an all new N64 section detailing quality ratios and final sales figures of the PS1 vs N64.

October 24, 2005

1. Added Space Harrier (SMS, box only $3.19), R-Type (SMS, Euro complete), and King's Quest (SMS, cart only) ($11) to the SMS section, Capcom Classic's Collection, Midway Arcade Treasures 3, and Worms 4 Mayhem ($6.28) (all NEW) to the Xbox section, and picked up a better black Gamecube( $7 after the trade value of my old Gamecube).

October 1, 2005

1. Updated the EA (anti)Games page with a Usenet post I had made August of 2004, which goes through the last five years of EA and 2K Sports football title's reviews, demonstrating how far EA was lagging in gameplay when they bought out the NFL license.

2. Added Manx TT Superbike (Saturn import, complete $14.82) and added A.M.O.K. (complete), Solar Eclipse (complete), Galaxy Fight (complete), Panzer Dragoon (complete, free), Daytona USA (complete, free), to the Saturn section and Quake III (New) to the Dreamcast section of My Library.

3. Added R-Type 1 (DUO import, Complete, $25.83), Space Harrier (DUO import, $18.83), Altered Beast CD (DUO import, 22.83), and After Burner (DUO Import, 22.83), and added a PC-Engine DUO (Dark gray, with controller, A/V and AC Adapter, $160.83) section for these games to be added to on the My Library page.

September 25, 2005

1. Massively updated Game Pilgrimage with a reorganization of screenshot pages to the new Game Pictures section, a new page dedicated to TurboGrafx-16 and Turbo DUO screenshots, and respective facts for this console in the Console History page under Fact MIJIN.

September 22, 2005

1. Bought an Interact Starfire lightgun, a Dreamcast Keyboard and House of the Dead 2 (Complete, $28.80) and added the game to the Dreamcast section of My Library.

2. Added Ninja Gaiden Black (New, $27.60) to the Xbox section of My Library.

September 19, 2005
1. Added Afterburner (NES, Cart only, $4.28), Rambo III (Genesis, Complete, $7.52), and Eternal Darkness (Complete, $16.18) to their respective sections of My Library.

September 6, 2005
1. Traded Castlevania Chronicles for The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition (GC, Near mint), and Wild Metal (DC, Complete).

2. Got Amok (Saturn, New) for free by purchasing a lot of DC and Saturn games and trading them into my local gamestore (Leaving $64 in credit, having only spent $61 including Amok). That way they've got a better selection of 3D Sega console stuff, and I've got a new game, and store credit for what I want this fall.

August 23, 2005
1. Added Legacy of Kain: Defiance ($19.43 mint) to the Xbox section, Sonic Gems Collection ($32.42, New) to the Gamecube section, TMNT 2: Battlenexus (free, complete) to the PS2 section, and Capcom vs SNK (free, CD only) to the Dreamcast section of My Library.

August 13, 2005
1. Added Double Dragon II, TMNT 2, TMNT 3, and Shinobi to the NES section of my Library ($3.84, plus store credit for Halo 2).

2. Added Lightening Force for Genesis (Box, no manual, $5.50) to the Genesis section of My Library.

August 10, 2005
1. Added Ms. Pac Man, Super Hang On, TMNT Hyperstone Heist (Genesis), Demon's Crest (SNES, cart only), and Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2 complete) to the Library section after discovering they had not yet been added. I also updated the console specific game tally and total library count for My Library.

August 6, 2005
1. Added Batman Returns (SNES, Cart only, Free) to the SNES section of My Library.

August 1, 2005
1. I traded Lego Star Wars back for $31.34 in store credit, which I have so far used to purchase TMNT (NES, $5.36), and an S-Video Cable for the SNES ($8.60). 2. I updated my want list and Library page to reflect all recent changes.

July 26, 2005
1. Traded Halo 2, F355 (PS2), and Luigi's Mansion for Lego Star Wars and Ax Battler (GG cart only), paying the difference of $7.47.

2. Purchased a Game Gear Car adapter ($9.69) and a Gear Master SMS converter (13.50).

3. Edited the Console History SMS section and the Genesis vs SNES page for a better read.

July 7, 2005
1. Added GG Shinobi 2 The Silent Fury (Cart only, $5.36) to the Game Gear section of My Library.

June 5, 2005

1. Added the movies of the Saturn version of Shenmue and Sonic X-treme, along with a link to an info page on Sonic X-treme to the Saturn pics section under Game Info.

2. Added the 1995 Sega 32X tech demo movie to the 32X pics section under Game Info.

May 28, 2005

1. I've redesigned the page's content area to match the grey side bar and header. Hopefully the grey background and text will be an easier read than the former opposite.

2. The ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) tribute and comparison page is up! Under Comparisons and Genesis-vs-SNES I've placed a detailed comparison of Hyperstone Heist and Turtles in Time, with pictures, movie files and both game's soundtracks in MP3 format, followed with detailed observations on each.

3. I traded my N64, Conker (complete), Mario Kart 64, Zelda OT and Zelda MM (cart only), two controllers, cables, extension cables and whatnot for a very clean and still almost grey NES, Dragon Warrior (with manual) and Section Z. All in all, I'm fairly happy with the swap, as I never have played my N64 extensively, and received it in the first place as a trade.

4. I also purchased TMNT Hyperstone Heist (Gen, box and cart), Demon's Crest (SNES, cart only), and Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2 complete) for a grand total of $32.92 after I traded in my useless Xbox Live Headset.

May 8, 2005

1. Traded in Haunting Starring Poulterguy, Battletoads and Double Dragon, Batman, Red Zone, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, Sim City, Hard Drivin', LHX Attack CHopper, and Ranger X all cart only along with two 6 button Genesis control pads and a mono Genesis 2 A/V cable for a 'Sonic Blue' Game Gear, and paid $17.16 for Ninja Gaiden and The GG Shinobi (awesome). Updated the My Library page with this as well.

April 25, 2005

1. Updated EA(anti)Games with the final results of their actions with the NFL license.

2. Updated Gaming Wonders under Comparisons with the actual thesis and conclusion the article was always lacking.

3. Added Worms 3D ($16.18, complete) for Gamecube to My Library.

April 15, 2005

1. Traded Hunter the Reckoning: Redeemer, Crimson Skies, Wreckless, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and paid 20.57 for Spikeout: Battle Street and a used Saturn with cables and a controller (gift to a friend).

March 31, 2005

1. Traded Doom, Thunder Spirits, and Super Bonk (SNES, cart only), Rolling Thunder 3, Sub Terrania (dup), Mutant League Football (complete), Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (dup), Power Monger, and Technoclash (complete) (Genesis, cart only unless noted), and Star Fox 64 (N64, cart only) and added Final Fantasy Chronicles (PS, original, complete for trade items) to the Library page.

2. Added Streets of Rage ($7.52, complete) to the Genesis section, Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle ($32.46, New GC) and Sega Classics Collection (PS2, new $16.23) to the PS2 section of the Library page.

February 22, 2005

1. Massively updated the Genesis vs SNES section of Console History, under Fact MIJIN.

2 . Traded Sega GT ($8 cost), Demolition Racer: No Exit ($6), Star Wars: Jedi Powers Battles($15), Iron Aces (Gift), and Star X (Free for earlier trade) for a PS2.

3 . Paid $10 for a PS2 controller (traded original 2 in Gamecube swap), traded a PS2 A/V cable, PSX power cord, 2 Third party PSX controllers, Bloody Roar 2 ($7.66 original cost), and paid $23.17 for a used PSX memory card and a new PS2 memory card.

4. Added Super Mario All Stars (Cart only, $17) to the SNES section of My Library. Added F-Zero GX ($7 after trade value) to the Gamecube section. Purchased two more surge protectors to hook up all the consoles with ($18.39)

January 29, 2005

Added Altered Beast, Alien Syndrome (SMS, complete) and a new SNES console with no cables ($25 total) to My Library under Game Info.

January 20, 2005

1. Added Skies of Arcadia Legends (complete, free exchange for PS2 controller) to the Gamecube section, and Metroid Zero Mission, and Star X (both complete, free, exchange for Mech Warrior, Bloody Roar 2, and Tenchu 2) to the Gameboy Advance section of My Library.

2. Added a Gameboy Advance to my Library (GBA player for NGC $50.47).

January 7, 2005

1. Updated the Console History and Saturn vs PS1 page under Fact MIJIN and Comparisons respectively. I moved the list of theories as to why the Saturn failed and why the PS1 took over the Industry to the Comparison page to shorten the Saturn vs PS1 section of console history, since none of the other sections go that in depth on the Console History page either.

2. Now, for the real test. I traded my PS2, and one PS2 control pad for a Gamecube, two controllers and extension cables, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader, and Metroid Prime. I kept VF4 and VF4 evo, along with Shinobi, Silpheed and Soul Reaver 2. In addition to this I purchased a memory card, S-video cables, and Luigi's Mansion for an additional $42.79.

I was initially hesitant to do this, even though it was an excellent trade value. What made this totally worth it was the reaction of the store manager and clerk that I traded it at (we're familiar). "I can't believe you're actually going to trade your PS2. What are you going to play on the Gamecube?!" I listed off 15 or so games, including the games above, Eternal Darkness, F-Zero, and GBA games when I get the Player and asked them what's coming out on the PS2 this year that's better. "Uh GT4, Kingdom Hearts 2, and....(long pause to think) ".

Presuming that they were going to list off more Japanese RPGs and maybe the occasional M rated game I interrupted with that I just wanted to play some games that you can pick up, enjoy for 20 minutes, and be done, games where the gameplay between the save points was worth it, and that I didn't want to read a book for a game. Now, I know that the PS2 has these games too, but I've already played them all, and I can pick one up again for $50 just a little while down the road, and the basic argument was that I should have kept my PS2, which has seen its day for the time being, and never own a Gamecube. After the above deliberation, they began recommending games like Mario Tennis and Mario Party 6 for the Gamecube, indicating that they understood what I was wanting that I simply couldn't get on the PS2. That alone made it worth all it.

January 4, 2005

1. Added a Virtua Racing Comparison page for the Genesis, 32X, and Saturn versions of Virtua Racing under the Comparisons Section.

2. Added Screenshots pages with .avi files of Quake and The Need for Speed for Sega Saturn under Game Info Saturn Pics.

3. Added Halo 2 ($47) to the Xbox Section of My Library, and traded Rygar, Transformers and Gun Griffon Blaze for Last Bronx and Die Hard Arcade (Saturn), and Iron Aces (Gift, DC).

December 20, 2004

1. Added screenshots to the DC-vs-PS1-PS2 page of Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Outtrigger, and Timesplitters under "First Person Shooters", and redesigned the page to show screenshots already posted of Dead or Alive 2, Tekken Tag Tournament, Soul Calibur, Drakan the Ancient's Gates, Draconus Cult of the Wyrm, Virtua Fighter 3tb, Virtua Fighter 4, F355 Challenge, Gran Turismo 3, Shenmue and Metal Gear Solid 2.

December 13, 2004

1. Created a new page detailing the current progress of EA's business tactics, leading to a monopoly of any and all franchises they can buy under Fact MIJIN.

November 30, 2004

1. Added Demolition Racer No Exit (DC, $6), Rigar (PS2, Gift $15), Quake (Saturn, Gift $15), and Alex Kid in Miracle World, Kenseiden, Great Golf, and Great Volleyball (cart only) ($12.77) to My Library page, and removed appropriate games from the want list.

November 9, 2004

1. Added a new screenshot page for the leaked beta of Starfox 2 for SNES SF-X2

2. Added an animated gif for Darxide in the 32X screenshots sections, and several for Ranger X in the Genesis-vs-SNES page.

3. Traded KotoR, Grand Theft Auto III, Ralisport Challenge, and Max Payne 2 for Outrun 2 (new) and Transformers (rental sale) using Blockbuster's $5 extra per game if you trade in 3 or more deal.

November 2, 2004

1. Found out the color counts of most of the games compared in the Genesis-vs-SNES section of Comparisons using the awesome Gif Movie Gear. I then added the average color counts to the main page along with links to the screenshots of said games to compare them aesthetically. I also updated both the Genesis-vs-SNES pages and the Console history page to reflect the new data.

October 6 2004

1. Added Tenchu: Return from Darkness (Xbox, $20) and Battlecorps (Sega CD, Complete,S $10) to the Library page under Game info.

2. Went crazy with photoshop and updated the site graphics.

August 5 2004

1. Updated the Revenge of Shinobi and Super Castlevania IV page under Comparisons->Genesis-vs-SNES with all new screenshot pages of Super Castlevania IV, and MP3s of all the music in Revenge of Shinobi and Super Castlevania IV.

2. Added Herzog Zwei (Cart only, $10) to the Genesis section, and Mech Assault (Sleeve cover, free with Live), and Crimson Skies (Complete, Free with Live) to the Xbox Section of My Library under Game Info.

July 30 2004

1. Added the list of canceled Dreamcast games posted on the Sega webpage's forum to the Dreamcast Games list page.

July 20 2004

1. Added Abrams A-1 Battletank, Afterburner II, Ah! Real Monsters, Air Diver, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Alien Storm, Alisia Dragoon, Arcus Odyssey, Atomic Robo Kid, Battletoads, Battletoads vs. Double Dragon, Bonanza Bros., Captain America and the Avengers, Chakan: The Forever Man, Championship Pro-Am, Cool Spot, Cyborg Justice, D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Decap Attack, El Viento, Elemental Master, ESWAT: City Under Siege, Fantastic Dizzy, Flicky, Gain Ground, Gauntlet 4, General Chaos, Granada, James Pond 2: Robocod, James Pond 3: Operation Starfish, Joe & Mac, Jungle Book, Jurassic Park Rampage Edition, Kid Chameleon, Lemmings, Liberty Or Death, Light Crusader, Lion King, Marvel Land, Mercs, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Mick & Mack: Global Gladiators, Pac-Mania, Pulseman, The Punisher, Quackshot, Rampart, Rings of Power, Ristar, Sonic Spinball, Splatterhouse 2, Sunset Riders, Tazmania, Tiny Toons Acme All Stars, Toy Story, Truxton, Two Crude Dudes, Wiz & Liz, and Zoop to the Notable Genesis game list under Factoids and Genesis-vs-SNES under Comparisons because two or more reviewers on Gamefaqs.com mentioned them having unique or highly polished gameplay.

3. Added the Genesis-SNES notable gamelist comparison to the Genesis-vs-SNES comparison page, under Comparisons.

2. Added Wreckless The Yakuza Missions (Complete 8.95) and Hunter The Reckoning: Redeemer (Complete 17.95) (29.12 Total) to the Xbox section of the My Library page.

July 15 2004

1. Added the notable SNES game list to the Fact Mijin section.

July 02 2004

1. Moved entire website to new address of http://www.gamepilgrimage.com .

2. Added Xbox gamelist to the notable game lists under Fact MIJIN.

June 01 2004

1. Oh yeah, while rooting around in some mall in Houston the local EB gamestore guy informed me that the Gamestop on Fry rd received all of the Genesis and SNES carts from every Gamestop in town about six weeks ago. Well Fry rd was just around the corner, so I went, and discovered a glut of carts like I'd never seen before, already discounted *and* 30% off the label price as well. This marks the first time I've ever bought everything in a game store that I wanted:

All Cart only and good-great condition, total $49.25

Power Monger

- Strategy RPG I've heard a lot of talk about.

LHX Attack Chopper

- 2 FPS fully Polygonal flight game from '93

The Immortal

- Thanks Bel for reminding me of this awesome game I once owned.

Marble Madness - torn label over the copywrite info.

- Friggin awesome.

Batman & Robin

- This, the original Genesis Batman, and the driving scenes in Batman Returns CD make up all of the best Batman gameplay on a console, with the possible exception of NES Batman (which Sunsoft pics on the back of the original Gen Batman box, for some odd reason).

Rolling Thunder 3

- Oh yeah, not as good as 2, but still has awesome gameplay and music.

Captain America and the Avengers

- I could have sworn the voice samples were more lispy than this, this is a GREAT conversion!

The Punisher

- Wow, man, I must have been haggard back in the day, because this is another great conversion of an already fun arcade game, I can't believe how clear the voice samples are.

Run Saber

- Seems more like a sequel in spirit to the NES Strider, but contains much of the Genesis Strider's climbing, jumping and sliding gameplay, without the momentum physics or quality of level design. Pretty good.

Act Raiser II

- Much tougher than the original, but dang is it purty.

Super Bonk

- I don't recall ever knowing that Bonk was on the SNES, this is definitely a quirky title.

Magic Sword - label dog eared at top left and right, back sticker torn

- Kinda makes me think of a blend Black Belt and Rastan on the SMS. Fairly entertaining, though way too much of a button masher for me to think it worth the original full retail. I remember tons of hype and praise for this game too, I'm not sure why. The music is sorely forgettable, and the game slows down in ever single scene when four or more enemies get on screen. It's not a terrible, gameplay killing slowdown, but I'd think that in order for a game to be praised as a near perfect port that'd have to be cleaned up some.

May 01 2004

1. Added Actraiser Levels 1+2 and updated the Genesis and SNES samples of Street Fighter 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 with better quality samples on the 16-bit music and sounds page under Comparisons->Genesis-vs-SNES

April 24 2004

1. Created a new page that compares Genesis emulator Gens to the real console. Check it out under Comparisons->Genesis-vs-SNES->Emulation vs Console.

2. Added Battletoads Double Dragon music for SNES and Genesis to the 16-bit music and sounds page under Comparisons->Genesis-vs-SNES.

April 14 2004

1. Added the many screenshots of After Burner Complete, Cosmic Carnage, Knuckles Chaotix, Kolibri, Metal Head, Motocross Championship, Space Harrier, Star Wars Arcade, Tempo, T-Mek under 32X pics and Game Info, added screenshots of Ranger X and Space Harrier II and updated every Genesis sound amd music file in the Genesis-vs-SNES section of comparisons, and updated the same page with more information, better wording, and subject titles to split up the text.

2. Spent $24.14 on a Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 console, since I butchered my original Genesis console trying, in vain, to fix my new X'Eye. :(

March 13 2004

1. Added Grand Theft Auto III, Max Payne 2, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (all rental boxes with the original inserts and manuals, $50.83) to the Xbox section of my library.

2. Bought a JVC X'Eye off E-bay for $90 shipped. With this I will update my Genesis music and sounds section, hopefully without the distortion the Genesis 1's High headphone out created. ($45 refund for defective second controller port)

March 5 2004

1. Added Test Drive V Rally and 4 Wheel Thunder to the Dreamcast game list ($37) thanks to getting hoodwinked by Goodfellas out of San Antonio and being forced to refund as store credit.

February 9 2004

1. Added Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 2 (Complete, $10) and Panzer Dragoon Orta (Complete, $15) to the Xbox section, Ranger X (Cart Only, $4) to the Genesis section, and Dynamite Cop (complete $10) and Gundam Side Story 0079 (New, $12) to the DC section of My Library under Game Info.

2. Removed Doom for the Saturn from the Saturn section of My Library.

January 17, 2004

1. Minor update, added screenshots to the Red dog, GT2 Bleemcast and VOOT Instructions page under Game info.

December 31, 2003

1. Added Thunder Force III (Complete, $6.81, from 10/25/03) Haunting Starring Poulterguy (Cart Only) and Rock N Roll Racing (Complete) for $7.49 total, Outrun (Complete), Outrun 2019 (Complete), Light Crusader (Cart and Manual), and Mutant League Football (Cart and case) for 32.63 total, to the Genesis Section of My Library under Game Info.

2. Added Jurassic Park and Stellar Fire (Complete, $12.19) to the Sega CD section of My Library under Game Info.

3. Burning Rangers Import( Complete $32.99, from 11/9/03) Fighter's Megamix ($5 CD Only), Need for Speed (Complete, $12.00), Mansion of Hidden Souls (Complete, $5), and Darius Gaiden (Complete, $5) to the Saturn section of my Library under Game Info.

4. Added Tomb Raider (Greatest Hits CD and Manual only, $7) to the PS1 Section under My Library under Game Info.

5. Added a Tomb Raider comparison page for the Saturn, PS1 and PC versions under Comparisons -> Saturn vs PS1.

November 8, 2003

1. Added a PS1 pics section under Game Info with Ridge Racer, Mechwarrior 2, Bushido Blade, Tekken 3, Dead or Alive Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer type 4, Bloody Roar 2, Grandia, Tenchu 2 and Strider 2 screenshots.

2. Added shots of Virtua Fighter 2 PC demonstrating the difference between non-light sourced and light sourced images to the VF2 page under Comparisons-> Virtua Fighter.

October 23, 2003

1. Added comparison screenshots of Tekken 3 and Virtua Fighter 2, Bloody Roar and Dead or Alive, Ridge Racer IV and Sega Rally, Gran Turismo 1 + 2 and Daytona Champion Circuit Edition, and Mechwarrior 2 (Sat and PS) to the Saturn-vs-PS1 page under Comparisons

2. Added Tekken 3, Bloody Roar 2, Mechwarrior 2, Ridge Racer IV, and Gran Turismo 1 + 2 for PS1 ($46) to my Library page under Game Info.

3. Added a comparison pages for High Velocity and Ridge Racer 1 to the Saturn-vs-PS1 page under Racers comparisons, and added animated pages with pics of High Velocity in action to the Saturn pics page under comparisons.

October 14, 2003

1. Updated the 16-bit music and sounds page under Comparisons -> Genesis vs SNES. The sound samples hopefully no longer have noticable hissing, humming or distortion that wasn't already present.

2. Added Mystic Defender ($5)to the Genesis section, and Assault Suits Leynos, Dragon Force and Gale Racer (Import, $55) of the My Library page under Game Info.

October 7, 2003

1. Added Screenshots for NiGHTs, GunGriffon, Shining the Holy Arc, Shining Force 3, and shots of Dead or Alive and Sonic R that show transparency, lighting, reflective texture mapping and high resolutions, to the Saturn pics page under Game Info.

2. Added Mystaria, Daytona CCE, and Panzer Dregoon Saga to the Saturn screenshots page under Game Info.

September 16, 2003

1. Put an MP3 of RYU's stage from Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition via the MAME Emulator, and arcade screenshots of several of the levels on the SF2 SCE and Turbo page and arcade screenshots of Super SF2 in the Super SF2 page.

September 12, 2003

1. Added Castlevania Bloodline's Simon's Theme, Super Castlevania 4's Simon's Theme, Super Ghouls N Ghosts Level 1, Mario Kart level 1, and StarFox intro, title screen, and level 1, to the 16 - bit music and sounds page of Genesis-vs-SNES under Comparisons.

2. Completely redid every audio file under 16-bit music and sounds because the originals were done in mono, rather than stereo, and there was noticable distortion in each file.

September 10, 2003

1. Added Ghouls N Ghosts and Strider music tracks, and updated the Forgotten Worlds file from yesterday to include the entire song. Comparisons->Genesis-vs-SNES->16 bit music and sound files

September 09, 2003

1. Added MP3s of Mortal Kombat 2 for the Genesis, SNES and 32X, Toe Jam & Earl, Toe Jam & Earl 2 and Eternal Champions to the Genesis-Vs-SNES page under 16-bit music and sounds.

2. Added a sample of Forgotten Worlds level 6 music to the 16-bit music and sounds page under Genesis-vs-SNES.

September 07, 2003

1. Added MP3s of the Genesis and SNES versions of Ryu's stage in Street Fighter II turbo and Super Street Fighter 2. Click on Comparisons->Genesis Vs SNES -> then either Street Fighter II Turbo, or Super Street Fighter 2.

September 06, 2003

1. Added Hard Driven ( Cart only, $4) to my Library page and adjusted the total costs tally accordingly.

August 30, 2003

1. Updated the Sega Master System, Sega Saturn, and Sega Dreamcast sections of Console History to reflect recent arguments.

2. Added Crazy Taxi pictures to the Grand Theft Auto 3 page under Comparisons.

August 22, 2003

1. Updated the Virtua Fighter 32X page under Game Info-> 32X pics and Comparisons-> Virtua Figther with shots of Kage's stage, Wolf's stage, Lau's stage, Akira's stage, Dural's stage and the ending, and modified the page to have the same scroll down menu as the other Virtua Fighter pages do.

2. Added the new VF32X shots to the VF1 comparison page under Comparisons-> Virtua Fighter.

August 19, 2003

1. Finished the Virtua Fighter page under comparisons. This page includes VF1, VFRemix, VF32X, VF2, VF3tb, VF4, and VF4 Evolution shots, and comparison pages for VF3tb vs VF4, and VF4 vs VF4 Evolution. I also managed to get a fairly managable menu system to work on this page. ;)

2. Traded Super R-Type ($1), The Rocketeer ($1), and Legends of Legaia ($1) for SNES, a copy of MDK 2 for Dreamcast that I got way too late and incomplete from Buyrite.net ($5), and Marrowind for Xbox ($10) and paid $2.11 for Virtua Fighter Evolution for PS2.

3. Received Phantasy Star Online v.2 in the mail from a great e-bayer for $11.99

August 16, 2003

1.Resaved all of the Saturn and PS1 screenshots using Photoshop LE and found that all of the shots shrunk to one fourth to one half the size of the originals.

2. Brightened the Virtual On pics, since ATI's worthless software doesn't apply gamma changes to still shots.

3. Resaved all of the videocaptured 32X screens, including the 32X enhancment screens and the Virtua Racing comparison shots.

August 10, 2003

1. Added S-video shots of Dead or Alive and Sonic R to the Saturn screen shots section of Game Info.

2. Added screenshots pf Grandia, Virtual On, Thunder Force V, Dracula X and Tomb Raider to the Saturn screen shots section of Game Info.

3. Added comparison pics of the Saturn and PS1 versions of Grandia, Dead or Alive, and Castlevania Symphony of the Night to the Saturn Vs PS1 page under comparisons.

4. Finally got MDK 2 ($6.00) from Buyrite, and guess what, they couldn't ship me Soldier of Fortune, they're still going to charge me $8.95 for shipping, and it came in a paper slip cover with just the CD and the manual. DON"T USE BUYRITE! ($14.94 if Buyrite ever refunds the $10 for SoF like they claimed they would.

July 19, 2003

1. Addes Space Harrier II to the Genesis cart only section and removed Super Bomberman 2 from the SNES section of my library page.

July 19, 2003

1. Updated the Usenet page under comparisons with one more example of fanboyism (Specimen 3 Example 5), and an all new section on the PS1 and PS2 defects, and that they haven't been reported.

2. Updated the Mass Media page under Factoids with an article in Game Informer that dodges the question of why they've never reported on the PS2 defect rate.

July 15, 2003

1. Updated the Shadow Squadron page under 32X game Pics in the Game Info section with about 100 more pics, and redesigned the page.

July 14, 2003

1. Added Final Fight CD to the Sega CD pics page under Game Info.

2. Added Final Fight CD verses Final Fight 1/Guy to the Genesis-vs-SNES page under Comparisons.

3. Added Ooga Booga (DC, $10), Dead or Alive (PS, $16), and Actraiser (SNES, Free) to the Library page under Game Info.

June 24, 2003

1. Major update, created a page showing PS1 games displaying the hardware created glitches of warping and spider webbing. Click on Comparisons->PS1 glitches

2. Bought Super Double Dragon ($14.60, Cart only).

June 22, 2003

1. Major update, created a side by side comparison page for the Saturn and the PS1 libraries. Click on SAT-vs-PS1 under comparisons.

2. Major update, created a side by side comparison page for Dreamcast, PS1 and PS2 titles. Click on DC-vs-PS1-PS2 under comparisons.

June 21, 2003

1. Removed Kiss: Psycho Circus from the Dreamcast game list. Added Evolution II (decent dungeon crawler with randomly generated dungeons) to the Dreamcast list.

2. Added Dark Legend (2D fighter that lets you switch between weapons and hand-to-hand, and throw away your weapon, a "weapons gauge" that wil tell you whether you will dizzy your opponent, and more than three projectiles on screen that you can *jump* off of), Decathlete (very good game with decathelon events), F-1 Challenge (formula car racing with six tracks, six unique cars with unique handling and even engine sounds, opponent AI that actually pit themselves, rear view mirror and better than average graphics with transparencies), Golden Axe: The Duel (Samurai Showdown like 2D fighter that allows you to collect magic vials, thrown on the ground for either fighter to grab, that allow you to launch multiple magic related attacks when you collect five), Mortal Kombat Trilogy (2-D fighter, because it's on the PS1 list and isn't worse in gameplay graphics or sound on Saturn, and apparantly long load times don't matter for PS1 fans), Quake (notable for the same reasons Duke and Powerlave are, smooth framerate and real time lighting on a Saturn FPS, they said it couldn't be done, then they didn't do it on the PS1), Norse by Norswest (to both the PS1 and Saturn list for being a unique puzzle game), The Need for Speed (to both the PS1 and Saturn list for being a unique racer, and of equal or better quality than the original), Shinobi Legions (action platform with fmv characters and gameplay complexity greater than Shinobi III, without the great music and level design), Theme Park (simulator, to both the PS1 and Saturn list, for, being a, ah, thempark simulator), Three Dirty Dwarves (2D action fighter, good design with 2D scaling sprites), Virtua Racing (tons of extra cars and tracks and the same gameplay as any other Virtua Racing, long load times or no)

June 18, 2003

1. Added Death Crimson OX (Lightgun game), Demolition Racer: No Exit (sequel to Demolition Derby 2, adds point system for damage and style), Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern (PC style RPG with loads of text, dragons, and a detailed set of characters, terrible gme though), Expendable (niche genre, overhead Shoot-em up), Formula 1 World Grand Prix (F1 simulation with simulation of everything that happened in every race in 1998 included), Gauntlet Legends (Four player simultaneous co-operative missions), Gundam Sidestory: 0079 (Good cinematics and story telling, the only mission based mech game on the Dreamcast, and lazer sword fighting comparable to the first Virtual On's), Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage (failed attempt at creating a game where you are the voice in the coms of a team of stealth agents, great idea, poor execution and too much realism), Kiss: Psycho Circus (One of the first 3D FPS with up to 12 enemies on screen and a focus on melee attacks, defeated by lack of network play and multiplayer, but still unique for its focus), Ooga Booga (fairly unique game, with a serious of unique minigames, that's also an online game), Pen Pen Triicelon (Somewhat average game, but race penguins on foot, sliding on their bellies, and swimming through a variety of tracks, with a variety of characters), Seventh Cross Evolution (Extremely unique rpg where your character evolves as he levels up, considered too odd to be enjoyable), Soldier of Fortune (Focuses on shooting specific parts of opponents for a quick kill, and has a good story based 1-player game, in addition to death match, long load times and not online though) Sonic Shuffle (Board game with a series of mini-games, an attempt to make a game like Mario Party, but it's really not much like Mario Party other than concept, all board game games are considered boring now, including Mario Party 3), Star Wars Ep 1: Jedi Powers Battles (An actually good hack-n-slash based on the movie, with a good counter and laser refraction mechanic, multiple characters to choose from and multi-player co-op, it's also the best version of this game) Trickstyle (Hover board racing, tricks and stunts, training levels, good opponent AI, speed bursts and very good graphics) Urban Chaos (GTA as a cop, commandeer vehicles, take out and arrest suspects by multiple means, improved Fighting Force 2 fighting engine, climb to the tops of buildings, free roam through a city, bad graphics camera and framerate though, sounds familiar) and Wild Metal (Very solid mission based tank game made by Rockstar, great physics and AI, average graphics) to the Dreamcast game list.

June 16, 2003

1. Added Battle Gear 2 (J), Poppn Music 6 (J), Poppn Music 7 (J), Space Raiders (J), Tetsu One World Grand Prix (J), Kamataichi no Yurou 2 (J) (horror), Higanbana (J) (horror), Akira Psycho Ball (J), Aku Daikan (J), Endonesia (J), Lillie Atelier (J), Moon light (horror) (J), Rimococoron (J), Tetsu One (J), The Keisatsukan (Police 911), Yudie Atelier (J), Gundam: Giren's Ambition (J), Gundam: Lost War Chronicle (J), Raging Bless (J), Super Robot Taisen Impact (J), Tales of Destiny 2 (J), Real Robot Regiment (J), Sangokushi VIII (J), SD Gundam G Generation Neo (J), King of Coliseum (J), King of Coliseum Red (J), Final Fantasy X International, Silent Hill 2: Saigo no Uta (J), Tougemax 3 (J), Armor Core 3: Silent Line (J), Gun Survivor 4: Biohazard (J), Virtual Cop Rebirth (J), Black Matrix 2 (J), Generation of Chaos (J), Generation of Chaos Next (J), Venus & Brave (J), Do Don Pachi (J), Chen Meng?s Three Kingdom (J), Makai Senki Desgaia (J), Psyvariar (J), Sunrise Heroes 2 (J), Velvet File Plus (J), XII Stag (J), Dark Native Apostle (J/PAL), Everblue (J/PAL), Ghost Vibration (J), Global Folktale (J), Shin Combat Choro Q (J), Ape Escape 2001 (J), and Choro Q HG 2 (J)to the recommended imports PS2 list.

2. Added Gundam: Federation vs Zeon, Onimusha 2, Fatal Frame, Extermination, Gundam: Zeonic Front, Lethal Skies, Sky Gunner, Dual Hearts, LOTR: Two Towers, Tekken 4, Silent Scope 3, Armor Core 3, Dino Stalker, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, and Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse to the 2 year Notable PS2 game list.

3. Added .Hack vol. 2, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends, ATV Offroad Fury 2, Virtual On Marz, Ape Escape 2, and Soul Calibre 2, to the year 3 PS2 game list.

4. Added Bloody Roar to the PS1 game list.

June 11, 2003

1. Added a new section to the Usenet page, under Comparisons, on examples of Fanboyism.

2. Traded in my PS2 DVD remote for $7, Ace Combat 4 for $12.40 (paid $15 for it), Maximo for $11.20 (pd $13), Gran Turismo 3 for $10.01 (pd $5) and then paid a grand total of $11.24 for Halo with these traded in.

May 10, 2003
1. Added Marrowind ($13.66), Ralisport Challenge ($13.66), Gunvalkyrie ($13.66), Jet Set Radio Future and Sega GT 2002 (Free pack-in) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer ($15) to the Library page.

2. Found a reference to Ken Kutaragi's idiotic claims about being able to jack into the PS2 with the same interface and concept as in The Matrix, and added it to the PS2 tomfoolery page.

Apr 27, 2003
1. Trimmed the disclaimers and explainations out of the game lists under Factoids and added a page titled Notable Game lists under Game Info. This page contains all of my findings based on the polls I conducted and game lists themselves.

2. Removed Silhouette Mirage, and Tekken 3 for PS1, Tekken 3 Bleemcast and Soul Calibur (CD Only) for DC, MDK2 Armageddon and Smuggler's Run for PS2 for $36 in trade in value from my Library page. I had paid $57 total for them all originally.

Apr 26, 2003
1. Completely revamped the Sega Genesis Vs SNES Page under Comparisons.

2. Added a screenshot comparison page for Weaponlord SNES-Genesis to the Sega Genesis page. This page has scans of a very good strategy guide for Weaponlord as well.

3. Added Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Suikoden III, Victorious Boxers, Kessen 2, Summoner 2, Dynasty Tactics, TimeSplitters 2, Sub Rebellion, Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land, Army Men Air Attack 2, Kengo, and The Thing to the notable PS2 game list.

4. Added 30 post October 2002 games and 27 Import games to the Notable PS2 game list.

Apr 25, 2003
1. Added a new list to each of the game lists under Factoids, that shows the total of each list if all cross platform games, and ports were removed. The results are quite interesting. Sega Saturn: 59 (3 year life), Sega Dreamcast: 94 (2 year life), Playstation: 117 (6 year life), Playstation 2: 70 (Up to October 2002, 2 years from launch)

Apr 23, 2003
1. Added Game Informer's Sonic Adventure DX review, and an old Nintendo advertisement disguised as a magazine article to the Media page under Factoids.

2. Added an Xbox want list to my Library page.

Apr 12, 2003

1. Created a page that lists every US Sega Master System game ever made, and comments from gamers on Usenet about most of them. Hopefully every game will have multiple comments before too long.

Apr 06, 2003
1. Added a paragraph to the Strider comparison page about the missing Dinosaur in Level 4 of the Genesis game and the missing BGMs in Levels 3 and 5 of the arcade game.

2. Added Space Harrier 3D ($20), Rampage ($15), Outrun, Thunder Blade, Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting, and Zillion 2 Triformation ($26) complete with boxes and docs to the Sega Master System section of my library page under Game Info.

Mar 30, 2003
1. Added Comix Zone ($2, complete) and Treasure Island Adventure ($2, cart only) to the Genesis section, Super Mario World ($9, cart only), Sim City($5, cart only) and Populous ($3) to the SNES section, Tekken 3 ($15 new)to the PS1 section, MDK2($8, complete) and Tekken 3 Bleemcast ($8), Soul Calibur (free, CD Only) to the Dreamcast section, MDK2 Armageddon ($13) and GunGriffon Blaze ($7, new) to the PS2 section of my library page under Game Info.

Mar 27, 2003
1. Added a comparison page of Strider for the Sega Genesis and CPS-1 hardware. This page is a tribute to awesome accomplishment the Sega Genesis cart was, and to Strider in general.

Mar 21, 2003
1. Created a page that proves that software piracy had a major hand in ending the Dreamcast's life early in the United States, which is linksed to in the conclusion of the Console History page under Factoids. Click on "steal software" at the end of the second paragraph in the conclusion.

2. Created a page linksed to on the Dreamcast game list that lists the final sales numbers of all Dreamcast consoles and software in the United States. Click on "Final US Sales numbers" above the sort options.

3. Added the games Rastan, Golden Axe Warrior 1+2, The Ninja, Black Belt, Aleste, Zillion 1+2, Kenseiden, Enduro Racer, and Miracle Warriors, Blade Eagle 3D, Maze Hunter 3D, Missile Defense 3D, Space Harrier 3D, Poseidon Wars 3D, and Zaxxon 3D to the Master System section of the Console History page.

4. Added a paragraph, about how the media supported the 32X before it failed to sell well enough to be successful, to the 32X section of the Console History page.

Mar 20, 2003
1. Changed the intro to the Console History page, added begin and end dates under the names of each console, and added a paragraph about how Joe Lieberman helped kill the Sega CD in 1993 to the Sega CD section.

Mar 17, 2003
1. Completely revamped the Console History page. There are now listed system specs with sources for every console mentioned, and comparison pics for each console.

2. Added screenshots and MP3s of The Terminator to the Sega CD screens page under Game Info.

3. Added screenshots of Earthworm Jim Special Edition to the Sega CD screens page.

Mar 15, 2003
1. Updated my library page with better formatting and up to date pics of my library.

Mar 10, 2003
1. Added my first original post on Usenet, "Sega Haters, Why?", complete with my thoughts on my younger self's comments to the page Usenet, under Comparisons on this site.

Mar 07, 2003
1. Added the entire Game Informer GTA: Vice City review to The Mass Media page under Factoids. Just click on Factoids->The Mass Media->Game Informer->and then the "review" links after the first paragraph.

Mar 05, 2003
1. Added WeaponLord ($17.49, complete) for Genesis, Kolibri ($13.48, new) for 32X, Stunt Race FX ($7, cart only) and WeaponLord ($11, cart only) for SNES), Iron Storm ($30, complete) for Saturn, and Sega GT Homologation Special for DC Japanese import ($8, Complete) to my library page.

Feb 22, 2003
1. Added Silpheed for Sega CD pics to the Sega CD pics page under Game info.

2. Added Contra Hard Corps ($19, Complete)to the Genesis list, Super Bomberman 2 ($5, cart only), Super R-Type ($5, cart only), and The Rocketeer ($1, cart only)to the SNES list, and Star Wars Jedi Powers Battles ($15, Complete) to the Dreamcast list on my Library page under Game Info.

Feb 19, 2003
1. Added the Sega CD pics page to the Game Info section, and posted about forty pictures of Batman Returns CD. There will be many more games and pics to come, hopefully.

Feb 17, 2003
1. Updated the Mass Media page under Factoids with quotes and links to mass media magazine tomfoolery. The Mass Media page now has qouted documents from Gamepro, EGM, Game Informer, Gamespot, and IGN showing off each group's bias, foolishness, or just plain stating opinion as fact.

Feb 12, 2003
1. Added the page Mass Media under Factoids. This page is to give an example, with references, of game magazine's abusing their power, and my views on what they should be doing instead.

Jan 21, 2003
1. Added pics of my game library and consoles to the Library page under Game Info.

2. Added a long list of observations to the Super Street Fighter 2 Comparisons page.

3. Updated the comments on Super Street Fighter on the Genesis-vs-SNES page under Comparisons.

Jan 04, 2003
1. Added G-Police to the PS1 list, and Alien Trilogy to both the Saturn and the PS1 lists. I then removed the second Legend of Oasis from the Saturn list, and made sure the counts were correct on both lists.

Jan 03, 2003
1. Added Colin McRae Rally, Syndicate Wars, Brigandine, Dino Crisis and Formula 1 to the US PS1 list, Toca Touring Cars to the Euro PS1 list and Capcom Generations 1-5, Captain Commando and Guitar Freaks to the Japanese PS1 list.

Dec 09, 2002
1. Updated the library page under game info to reflect my current library and want list.

Dec 09, 2002
1. Added a page for Shinobi PS2 under the Game Info section.

Nov 09, 2002
1. Added screen shots of the Genesis and SNES versions of Super Street Fighter 2 to the Comparisons section, and to the Genesis-vs-SNES page in the same.

2. Added the Street Fighter 2 Turbo page links to the Comparisons section side bar.

3. Added a links section to the side bar on every page on the site. *whew*

4. Changed wording and corrected grammar in the Console history page and the Genesis-vs-SNES page.

Oct 29, 2002
1. Added a Grand Theft Auto comparison page to the comparisons section. As usual, I am willing to take criticism or corrections on any specific gameplay comments of mine.

Oct 24, 2002
1. Updated the Favorite Games page under Game Info with a sorting option that shows my actual current game library sorted by console, rather than just my favorite games sorted by developer.

2. Fixed a glitch at the bottom of the PS2 Explanations page. And I'd like to thank everybody on the related Sony groups on Usenet for not helping at all with this list. Great fans, with such pride in your console of choice's games you are.

Oct 22, 2002
1. Changed the homepage blurb around a bit.

2. Added Medal of Honor Frontline back to the PS2 list, and updated the tally.

Oct 18, 2002
1. Added explanations to all of the games on the PS2 game list, linksable from the main list only, just click on 'explanations' and then hold your mouse pointer over the game name and see why it's on the list.

2. Adjusted the number tally on the PS2 game list to reflect what should actually be in the list.

Oct 08, 2002
1. Added TMB Online and Wipeout Fusion back to the PS2 game list after further discussion on AGVSPS2.

2. Also added a blurb to the PS2 game list describing exactly what a notable game is, which will hopefully stop any further confusion that these lists are based on popularity or "fun".

Oct 05, 2002
1. Removed TMB Online, Medal of Honor, Armored Core 3, Tekken 4, THPS4, PACMAN World 2, SSX Tricky, Wipeout Fusion from the PS2 game list and added The Adventure's of Cookie and Cream

Oct 04, 2002
1. Completed the notable PS2 game list, including sortable options by rating, release date, and alphabetical, and links to the exact location of the same game on the Dreamcast game list.

Sept 29, 2002
1. Changed ps2.htm to a notable PS2 game list, and linksed the entire PS2 game list from that page.

2. Added the 3 Bleemcast! games to the DC game list

Sept 27, 2002
1. Added a list of the entire PS2 game library to the Factoid section.

Sept 22, 2002
1. Added Screenshots of Virtua Fighter for 32X to the Game info 32X screens section.

Sept 18, 2002
1. Added commentary to and edited the MKII page, and added the Continue screen and Character Select Screens back.

2. Added a 32X vs Super FX blurb to the Genesis-vs-SNES page, and added a links to the Doom comparison page in the same.

3. Added StarWars Arcade, Shadow Squadron, T-Mek, and Knuckles Chaotix to the Genesis game list.

4. Corrected an error in the Dreamcast list that excluded an update in the imports section. Added Evil Twin to the Imports section of both Dreamcast lists.

5. Added SNES SuperFX and 32X screenshots to the Game Info section.

Sept 17, 2002
1. Added a Comparison page for Doom on the 32X and the Super FX Doom on the SNES, and added the links to the side bar.

2. Added a PS2 and DC pic comparison page showing DOA2, TTT, Soul Calibur, another showing Virtua Fighter 4 and Virtua Fighter 3tb, and the last showing Drakan for PS2 and Draconus for Dreamcast. Added the links to the Comparisons section as well.

3. Added Red Dog Review to the game info section.

Sept 15, 2002
1. Changed the links up on the PS1 game list that's sorted by release date, to jump to the exact location of the game on the Saturn or Dreamcast lists, for you lazy readers who didn't want to find the game on the other list. ;)

3. Edited PS2 Tomfoolery for clarity sake.

August 31, 2002
1 . Created and linksed to an alternate PS1 links list, sorted by average review score.

August 27, 2002
1. Created and linksed to an alternate Dreamcast links list, sorted by average review score.

August 15th, 2002
1. While, on the clock at Decision One (good bye you sorry sack of crap!), I read through the verbiage of the Console history page, edited out all 1st person references, and edited wording to try and eliminate confusion brought up in RGVS. I also attempted to remove anything that could cause the article to be dismissed as "biased" towards Sega.

2. Added pics of Virtua Fighter 2, and Sonic R to the Saturn section, and F355 and Shenmue to the Dreamcast section of Console History.

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