Game Pilgrimage

Game Pilgrimage exists because of you. Game Pilgrimage exists because odds are, if you're a gamer, you grew up playing a specific manufacturer's console and never owned the competing manufacturer's console. Typically speaking, you also concluded that the competing console had no games you wanted to play, or at least not enough to warrant the purchase.

If you owned a console that was the most popular of its generation, the media stood right behind you, exaggerating the good qualities of your console of choice and its games, and then turning around by being overly critical of any shortcomings, real or imagined, of the flagging competition. In all cases where the competing console failed to gain enough marketshare to be considered profitable, by continually altered standards, the media would campaign against said console like the news media picks a political candidate and spares no expense to slander the competitor.

The instinct to imagine what you have is the best thing out there is not necessarily bad, however, if it is applied to the realm of console video gaming, the conclusion based on this instinct is simply incorrect. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses in hardware and software of each console can help you to know which console is likely to have more games that suit your tastes. Knowing that your tastes are not the end all, be all to what is and isn't a good game is a virtue. Recognizing a quality game, regardless of which console it was made for, and even if you don't necessarily enjoy playing it, is what Game Pilgrimage is all about.

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