I picked up Bangai-O because I heard that it was pressed in limited numbers, which means that it's likely to be in short supply very soon. I must say that I love this game.

It plays most like SubTerrania for the Genesis, in my experience. It has two control schemes. Both allows you to use the digital pad to guide your robot in eight directions and the analog stick to fire in eight directions. In XA mode the A button to flies your little robot straight up, X fires in the direction you point with the D-pad (locks in that direction as long as you hold X), Y and R Trigger fires your super bomb (I'll get to this later), and L Trigger changes from homing missles to refractive lasers. ABXY mode, which I prefer, features the same L+R trigger functions, but A shoots down, B right, Y up and X left, and pressing two buttons at once will fire at the desired angles, eight directions total.

It's really simple gameplay control, but the real fun part is flying around the level, allowing the enemy generators to keep making more enemy robots until they almost fill the screen with shots, and letting off a super blast that overtakes all the shots and, many of the robots. An explosion counter at the top of the screen counts how many you get, and fruit appears where the enemies, houses, cars, gun turrets, mines or whatever were, and based on how many explosions you caused, up to 400, you get different fruit, each worth more points than the last. It really must be played to be understood.

If you liked Subterrania, or even Turrican to an extent, and would like to play something like it, with about 300-400 more objects on screen at a time, and a gameplay system that encourages you to cause massive destruction, then you need to pick up this game before it's gone! It's free flying on a 2D plain, not like ThunderForce games that move the screen for you. The levels and graphics are simple, but easy on the eyes at the same time, and there are 40 of them. It's worth all $40 I paid for it, easy.

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