Sonic Adventure 2 thoughts:

After playing through every level, and seeing all of the endings I've really got to type some things about this game. The complaints that are being repeated are completely off base.

The adventure stages are all well done, and best of all diverse, and if they could grow on me that's definitely something. This game is extremely challenging folks, but the camera is not to blame. Not once did I ever die because of the camera. I fell into pits, I flew off of tracks, I missed rails and fell into Earth's atmosphere, but not once was the camera the cause.

If any of you out there are a freak, like me, who like their action as fast as they can get it, but want an involved storyline involving ominous and tragic past events recurring in the present, and deep character development, you'll love this game if you finish it.

Simply put, if you don't play this game all the way through to the final ending, you haven't played this game at all. You haven't seen the story, you've only been introduced to the characters present form, not the why's and how's of that state. And most of all you haven't experienced what a real heart pounding, palm sweating, mind numbing challenge that Sonic Adventure 2 can be. You also haven't heard the awesome main theme music in its complete form.

Sure, it's not perfect, but it does such a great job at being a great game, faster and tighter than anything else out there, while simultaneously leaving Sonic Adventure intact as a great unique game as well, there simply is no comparison by which to critique Sonic Adventure 2.

Other games that appear to have better camera control, seem so because they are so slow the problems don't become noticable easily. I can't think of another action/adventure game besides Sonic in which you simply don't stand still, and therefore need the camera to adjust dynamically.

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