Warping and polygon break up:

Tomb Raider

Bushido Blade

Metal Gear Solid

Gran Turismo 2

Full screen Dithering:

Tomb Raider p1

Tomb Raider p2

Tenchu 2

Strider 2

Tekken 3

Ridge Racer IV

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 2

The Playstation 1 hardware caused certain graphical flaws to appear in any 3D game with a moving camera. These flaws were that textures warped and shifted as they approached the screen, and the seams of polygons separating to show the flat color behind them.

It was brought to my attention that there was no website that showed the PS1's inherent graphical flaws in action. So, here it is. The pages linked to above will show both the spiderweb effect and warping in action, though it is still not as obvious as it is when actually playing the games. My best advice would be to look at the shots, and if you still don't see the glitch, play the actual game and see it in motion for yourself.

The reason these effects are difficult to pick up in screen shots is because they are not present in every frame of animation. Some, if not most, frames will look correct, while only a few will display the glitches that this page is referring to. I imagine some people haven't noticed them for the same reason people can see through scratched glasses, they just aren't looking for it, and haven't noticed it before.
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